The Journal of Gulf Economics, Trade and Finance is a regularly updated online Journal that brings you unprecedented access to the best current thinking in economics and its practical application to business, investment and policy making among the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC) both domestically and in their relations with the rest of the world.

The Journal and a series of reports will focus on the progress of the GCC countries in the diversification of their economies away from their dependence on the production and export of oil and gas. The editorial stance of the Journal is that diversification needs to be based on the development of the non-oil private sector and the increased employment of local citizens in this sector. The private sector's growth will require investment, deregulation, appropriate education and the nurturing of an environment that will encourage innovation and risk-taking entrepreneurial activity.

If you need to apply economic knowledge in your work, seek a career opportunity involving economics of financial skills or are simply interested in the subject and want to stay informed about the economic challenges facing the world and the region, then you must read the Journal of Gulf Economics, Trade and Finance.

The Journal is independent and holds no partisan position. Arguments are welcomed from all sides of the debate. It offers you a stimulating mix of articles from an international authorship of professional and academic economists and writers from related disciplines, keen to share their findings and contribute to public understanding. Subject to professional standards being maintained, the Journal allows authors considerable freedom in how they treat their subjects.

The Journal is edited by a professional team with years of experience of economic publishing and consulting in the region. A distinguished Editorial Advisory Board, comprising some of the world's and the region's leading economists and financial experts, ensures a continued high quality of published material.